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I studied physics and mathematics at the University of Heidelberg. In 2010 I finished my physics diploma thesis with title "ALICE TPC Online Tracking on GPU based on Kalman Filter". For the thesis I ported the ALICE HLT tracker to run on grafichs cards using the CUDA framework. The GPU tracker is installed in the ALICE HLT and running in 24/7 operation since beginning of 2012.

For my PhD I continued to work on the tracker and other projects related to the HLT. In addition, I developed an optimized DGEMM library and High Performance Linpack implementation for the LOEWE-CSC, Sanam, and Lattice-CSC clusters. I finished my PhD in natural sciences in 2014.

In Mathematics I am focusing on algebraic geometry, algebraic number theory, and complex analysis with a current focus on shimura curves.


  • Alice HLT Tracker Reconstruction / Track Merging / Online Calibration
  • CUDA, OpenCL, Parallelization, Vectorization
  • High Performance Matrix Multiplication (DGEMM) and Matrix Factorization (Linpack) on GPU
  • BioEM, a program for a hybrid-model analysis of images in electron microscopy.


Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies
Department of HPC-Architecture
Institute of Computer Science
Ruth-Moufang-Strasse 1
60438 Frankfurt am Main


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